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Mallorca properties

Here you will find current properties for sale and rent in Mallorca by various reputable real estate agents.
On our real estate portal you will also find fincas, houses, apartments and real estate in the old town of Palma.

IPM Immobilien Mallorca

Buying or renting a property on Mallorca is a dream for many. Or - especially in these times - a common and popular way to invest.In any case, it is a process that needs to be well thought out and pursued with professional support. For this, the selected real estate agents and agencies represented on IPM Real Estate Services are certainly your right contact persons, because they will seriously and conscientiously advise you in your decision with their entire experience and market knowledge and lead you to your goal.

If you are the owner of a real estate agency or real estate agent yourself, please do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities and conditions of marketing your offers through our real estate portal (contact form).

Top properties of the week:

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What you must take into account when buying your property

 In order to legitimise yourself for the sale of a property, your contractual partner must present a notarised purchase contract with an entry made by the land registry office. Alternatively, they can also prove their ownership by means of a current extract from the land register. This includes the cadastre reference. Caution should be exercised in the case of verbal agreements - in Spain, contracts concluded verbally may also be valid. So always clarify in advance whether the owner alone is entitled to dispose or whether the spouse must agree. If the undersigned is not the owner, he or she must present a power of attorney that allows him or her to make the sale on his or her behalf.

Check any encumbrances on the property, the quality of the building land, municipal development plans and existing rental and lease agreements. Check the amount of property tax to be paid on the basis of a payment receipt - preferably the last 5 years, then you are on the safe side that this has also been paid. If the real estate is subject to the residential property law you should, as in Germany, have the apportionment arrears documented. If you buy a plot of land with a house, the house should also be registered in the land register. A habitation certificate shows you whether the supply of electricity and water is properly regulated. Also insist on immediate registration as owner in the land register in the case of installment payments and conclude the purchase contract with notarisation by a notary. Include the "incidental costs" of the real estate acquisition in the calculation. These include notary, land registry office and lawyer (together about 3 - 4 % of the notarial purchase price). In addition, there is the real estate transfer tax and value-added tax. When buying a property in Spain from a non-resident seller, it must be clarified before the full payment of the purchase price whether the withholding of 3% must be made.

Insist on individual agreements, although this sometimes creates some tension in the purchase negotiations, but you can often achieve a better result for you. Submitted form contracts are usually designed for the benefit of the contracting partner who designed them - so feel free to get involved with your ideas. In doing so, you should also have unimportant assurances and points, which you take for granted, confirmed in writing. Always agree in the contract which legal form is to be used. In addition should be regulated, which guarantees are ordered, in order to implement the agreed upon if necessary before court. This way you are on the safe side when buying a property if the worst comes to the worst.

  • Fincas
    If you are close to nature or would like to have peace and quiet more often, you will find here all currently offered fincas on Mallorca for sale or rent in (almost) all regions of Mallorca.
  • Houses
    Alle angebotenen Häuser, inklusive Dorf- und Stadthäuser zum kaufen oder mieten.
  • Flats and apartments
    Overview of all flats, apartments, aticos and penthouses to buy or rent.
  • Luxury Villas
    Luxury villas (spacious houses with upscale furnishings and exclusive locations all over Mallorca - mostly with sea views) for rent and for sale.
  • Houses, flats and city palaces in the old town of Palma
    An overview of these popular properties for city dwellers and all those who want to live in the cultural and social centre of Mallorca.
  • Commercial properties
    Including offices, hotels, cafes, restaurants, country hotels and agrofincas. Rentals and sales.
  • Properties in the south
    The south is also a domain for smaller fincas and is not far from the airport and Palma de Mallorca.
  • Properties in the North East
    All types of properties to rent and buy in a region that is becoming more and more popular and is on the upswing.
  • Properties in the North
    Properties mainly in Pollenca and Alcudia. The north offers tranquillity and sweeping sandy beaches.
  • Real estate in the northwest
    If you are looking for tranquillity or would like to have peace and quiet more often, you will find all the fincas currently on offer in the northwest here.
  • Properties on Ibiza
    Selection of selected properties on Ibiza. Exclusive offers of special and authentic houses, especially in Eivissa, all with exceptional views of the harbour and the old town.

Picturesquely situated fincas away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with enough space both for garden and pool and for their own agricultural land: the Mallorcan finca is another classic image and a dream of many property seekers. 

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You want to live in a village? Perhaps in the interior of the island? Village houses offer a very special living flair and an authentic ambience. However, you may have to be prepared to make compromises. So there are a few small things to consider that we would like to point out to you.

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Das Reihenhaus ist ein Objekttyp, der sich in den vergangenen Jahren immer größerer Beliebtheit erfreut. Es verbindet in vielerlei Hinsicht die Vorteile eines alleinstehenden Hauses mit überschaubaren Kosten. So verfügen Reihenhäuser in der Regel über zwei Stockwerke und einen eigenen Garten, seltener mit Platz für einen Pool. Durch ihre Größe bieten sie einen guten Kompromiss zwischen...

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General and typical information about flats or apartments in Mallorca, such as the costs, benefits or the best location.
Read what you should consider - whether it's renting or buying a flat - also for investment purposes.

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Typical properties in Mallorca

Luxury finca
Luxurious finca property in the northwest

Here is a short note about the traditional Mallorcan real estate, because interesting things about characteristics and typical is helpful when buying or renting and lets you evaluate the real estate object correctly.

A property in Mallorca, whether as a holiday residence or permanent residence, is the ultimate dream for many people. But it depends on what kind of use (temporary or permanent) you have in mind, what demands you have on the infrastructure and direct environment and above all what financial possibilities are available: Each type of property has its own requirements and has specific advantages and disadvantages. It can therefore make sense to get an overview right from the start.

Some real estate history
The traditional properties on Mallorca correspond to the classification of southern European properties and not to the Moorish, North African architectural style. Arab invaders tried to settle on Mallorca from the eighth to the thirteenth century, but were finally defeated by Jaume I in 1229. Most of the villages date from the period after the reconquest by Jaume I and therefore only very few Majorcan buildings have Muslim building substance such as the Arab baths in Palma de Mallorca. Roman buildings can still be seen in ancient infrastructure facilities such as Pollença. On closer inspection, however, Roman and Muslim style elements can still be discovered.

Now we wish you much joy of discovery while searching and enjoyment with your Mallorca property!

With a clear picture in mind, it is easier to find your personal dream property!

Therefore, when buying a property on Mallorca, it is important to inform yourself in advance about the various possibilities and to be as aware as possible of your own needs - including what compromises you are prepared to make in terms of location, size and comfort, for example, and where your own priorities are. 

The house or villa is a sought-after type of property on the Mallorcan real estate market. Especially houses that were built in the past decades often convince with modern furnishings. If a small garden and a pool are added, the house has the status of a "villa" according to the english mentality.

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Many experienced real estate agents in Mallorca will tell you that they love their work and that this profession is one of the best you can choose. However, they will also tell you that it takes a lot of hard work, patience and determination to be successful.... 

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