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Mallorca properties

Here you will find current properties for sale and rent in Mallorca by various reputable real estate agents.
On our real estate portal you will also find fincas, houses, apartments and real estate in the old town of Palma.

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  • Fincas and rural houses
    For those who are connected to nature or want to have their rest quietly, here are all the fincas in Mallorca available to buy or rent in (almost) all regions of Mallorca.
  • Houses and villas
    All offered houses, including village houses and bungalows for sale or rent.
  • Apartments and flats for rent and buy
    Overview of all apartments or apartments, Áticos and penthouses to buy or rent.
  • Luxury villas
    Overview of all luxury villas in Mallorca to buy or rent. Many villas have pool, sea view
  • Property for sale or rent in the old town of Palma
    These popular properties for urban people and those who want to live in the cultural and social center of Mallorca in an overview.
  • Commercial property
    Commercial real estate in Mallorca such as offices, warehouses or business premises to buy or to rent.
  • Real Estate in Ibiza
    Selected properties in Ibiza. Exclusive offers on special and authentic houses, especially in Eivissa, all with exceptional views of the harbor and old town.
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Typical properties in Mallorca

Luxury finca
Luxurious finca property in the northwest

Here is a short article about the traditional Mallorcan real estate, because interesting things about characteristics and typical is helpful when buying or renting and lets you evaluate the real estate object correctly.

A property in Mallorca, whether as a holiday residence or permanent residence, is the ultimate dream for many people. But it depends on what kind of use (temporary or permanent) you have in mind, what demands you have on the infrastructure and direct environment and above all what financial possibilities are available: Each type of property has its own requirements and has specific advantages and disadvantages. It can therefore make sense to get an overview right from the start.

The traditional properties on Mallorca correspond to the classification of southern European properties and not to the Moorish, North African architectural style. Arab invaders tried to settle on Mallorca from the eighth to the thirteenth century, but were finally defeated by Jaume I in 1229. Most of the villages date from the period after the reconquest by Jaume I and therefore only very few Majorcan buildings have Muslim building substance such as the Arab baths in Palma de Mallorca. Roman buildings can still be seen in ancient infrastructure facilities such as Pollença. On closer inspection, however, Roman and Muslim style elements can still be discovered.

Houses/Villas on Mallorca

The house or villa is a sought-after type of property on the Mallorcan property market. Especially houses built in the past decades often convince with modern equipment. If a small garden and a swimming pool are added, the house of the German mentality has the status of a "villa" (read: "What is a luxury villa").

Especially for families with children and possibly pets a house or a villa is probably ideal, because it offers enough space to ensure a high degree of comfort and as a single property also sufficient privacy.

In principle, houses can be located anywhere, for example in central districts, which allows an optimal connection to the local infrastructure, or somewhat remote. Very common is the possibility that the property is located in a so-called "urbanización", a closed residential complex or a kind of "colony", which naturally offers a high standard of security and has its own infrastructure (supermarket, pharmacy, cafes/bars/restaurants, etc.). At the same time, however, "urbanizaciones" are usually built at a considerable distance from the city centre or the old places. In Mallorca, especially around Palma and in the southeast, for example in the colonies of the coastal strip "Playas de Mallorca" or Colonía de Sant Jordi. Typical colonies in the southwest of Mallorca are also El Toro, Cala Llamp near Puerto de Andratx or Costa de la Calma. In the south: Majoris, Bahia Grande, Sa Torre or Tolleric.

While houses/villas stand for high quality of life, a lot of space and privacy on the one hand, there are also some disadvantages to consider: Real estate located in an urbanización is well protected, but also far away from cultural offers, for example, so that an own car is necessary because the public transport possibilities often offer only insufficient flexibility - mostly depending on the (tourist) season. In winter, coastal colonies are usually extinct and seem desolate to many. Exactly the opposite of the peak of the summer months. Houses and villas, which are located directly in the city centre, are very popular and cost accordingly more.

The running costs for the maintenance of a house are significantly higher than for apartments or flats. This also applies to taxes due. If you only want to use a house for a few months a year, you should also be aware that its high attractiveness can also make it a sought-after burglary object: Sufficient investment should therefore also be made in an effective security system.


The apartment is not only on Mallorca the most versatile type of property, which can meet a multitude of requirements. Apartments are very suitable as permanent as well as temporary residences. The costs to be applied are clearly more manageable than in the case of a house. The potential proximity to other tenants and owners of surrounding apartments also significantly increases security. While it can be difficult to find a suitable apartment for large families with children and pets, they are the ideal type of property for single people and couples of all ages.

In addition, good apartments are preferred in semi-urban areas, i.e. in most of the larger towns, especially along the Mallorcan coast, not only in Palma. Only in the small villages in the centre of Mallorca it can be difficult to find an apartment. However, apartments offer a wide variety of standards depending on location and budget, including access to a garden and pool (although shared).

Of course, apartments can also have special disadvantages. The downside of the immediate proximity to neighbours or a central location in the city may be that privacy is restricted in relation to a house or that there is a high level of noise pollution, especially if adjacent apartments are illegally rented out.

Depending on the location and equipment, apartment prices can vary greatly and especially in sought-after areas one may be forced to make concessions and to dispense with aspects such as access to a garden.

Townhouses ("casa adosada")

The terraced house is a type of property that has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. In many ways it combines the advantages of a detached house with manageable costs. Terraced houses usually have two floors and their own garden, less often with space for a pool. Due to their size they offer a good compromise between houses/villas and apartments or flats and are therefore also ideal for families.

Similar to apartments, terraced houses throughout the island are not tied to any particular infrastructure. They can be found in both larger and smaller towns, but increasingly also in urbanizaciones, which in turn has a positive effect on the safety aspect. The possible disadvantages of a remote (closed) residential complex are thus similar to those already mentioned for houses/villas.

Another decisive disadvantage of "casa adosada" is that its popularity on the Mallorcan market has yet to develop: overall, it is the least widespread type of property, which can lead to the selection of these properties being significantly restricted in individual locations.

Mallorcan village houses

Houses in villages

Beyond the beaches, Mallorca is also known for its beautiful and picturesque villages inland. In recent years, the popularity of real estate in these villages has increased significantly among buyers. These houses are similar in structure and size to urban terraced houses and often have their own small, long garden, but very rarely there is room for a pool.

Village houses offer a very special flair of living and an authentic ambience. As they are directly integrated into the village infrastructure, everything you need is usually within walking distance. The chance of integration into a neighborly Mallorcan community is - with existing language skills, personal willingness and patience! and this proximity in turn increases the security of the house.

However, the rustic flair of a "casa de pueblo" has its price - in the truest sense of the word. Who would like to acquire such real estates, must be conscious that it concerns often old building fabric and high renovation need can exist straight in kitchen and bath. And who rents in the summer, the energetic expenditure for tolerable climatic conditions of the dwellings of the house in the winter months should be able to imagine - particularly with village houses in the Tramuntana one can become more often times the witness that so some house is not at all heatable and one must be always in the periphery of 3 meters around the fire-place around.

The distribution of rooms and room sizes may not meet modern standards, the interior may be very dark due to small windows and may lack advantages such as central heating. The solution of these problems can mean considerable costs, which should be calculated and clarified in advance.

 You can learn more about the purpose of small windows and the arrangement of rooms in Majorcan houses in our article about the characteristics of Houses in villages.

Fincas on Mallorca

Country house or finca on Mallorca

Picturesquely situated fincas away from the urban hustle and bustle, with enough space both for garden and pool as well as for your own agricultural land: The Majorcan finca is another classic picture and a dream of many property seekers. After all, in addition to absolute privacy and closeness to nature, it also offers enough space for all needs.

Fincas characterize the image of Majorca and can be found in correspondingly many places. Due to their attractiveness, however, a correspondingly high demand is to be expected, especially in coveted residential areas close to the coast - country houses in the interior of the island can be significantly cheaper.

Who wants to acquire a Finca, should make himself clear that the isolated situation can be felt after an initial euphoria fast as isolation. For many Germans who were previously unfamiliar with life in the countryside, this was quicker than expected. Therefore: A car of your own is absolutely necessary here again, the nearest village can be a long way away. Renovation requirements and associated costs are to be weighed just as carefully with regard to the finca as with the village properties. A finca offers so undoubtedly many possibilities - but it also gives a special lifestyle that does not suit everyone. Aspects such as water supply and rights, electricity and the Internet can also be more challenging for an estate than for a well-connected town house.

 What you should consider with the Finca rent stands in our article "A Finca on Mallorca rent (long-term rent): 10 helpful tips".
If you want to buy a finca, our guide: Buying a finca is worth reading.


As usual when buying a property in Mallorca, it is important to find out in advance about the various possibilities and to be as aware as possible of one's own needs - also what compromises one is prepared to make in terms of location, size and comfort, for example, and where one's own priorities lie. With a clear picture in front of your eyes, it becomes easier to search and find your dream property!