Fincas for sale in Mallorca

Criteria for buying a finca

Mansion / Finca on Mallorca
The huge finca "La Granja", which is prepared as a museum
Interior view of a manor house or a finca on Mallorca
The original interior of a manorial historical finca

Whoever has decided to buy a finca in Mallorca is confronted with some important questions. A lot of island experience is indispensable because of the question about the location and the infrastructure and helps to save time, because with exclusion criteria like "power line mast on the property" or "Finca lies in the flight path of the airport" many Finca real estates fall from the outset from the total offer. In addition to important key data such as number and size of rooms, plot size, pool, heating/insulation, planned use or budget/financing, one should pay attention to things like

  • Infrastructure and public transport (distances to doctor, pharmacy, supermarket, to the nearest bigger village, Palma with airport, schools etc.)
  • Potential sources of noise such as airports or motorways
  • Electricity, Internet and water supply
  • Way, water and hunting rights
  • Are public building measures expected in the immediate vicinity?
  • Quality of building materials and overall condition of the finca (Is renovation due in the medium or long term? Do you need to invest immediately upon purchase).
  • can guests be accommodated nearby and where is the nearest good restaurant and bar/cafe?
  • How much work does the finca (maintenance garden, pool).
  • What is the climate in this special region in winter?