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Fincas in Mallorca

A farmhouse with agricultural land on Mallorca is understood as a finca. However, the Mallorcan describes everything that serves as a residential building as a finca. This also applies to apartment buildings. Even properties are called Finca.

Fincas were often inhabited by farming families for many generations and are correspondingly old. They are furnished like village houses, but of course have additional buildings such as stables and storerooms for cattle feed or seeds. A wind turbine with a water pump for irrigating the most productive fields is also a classic feature.

Many smaller Fincas have their origin in the 20's, when one built on the fields simple village houses around an undisturbed?overnight accomodation? to have there or around special family occasions like birthdays or communions to celebrate to be able.

The largest fincas are the mansions of the former large landowners. Their area sometimes covers up to three hundred hectares (for example the "La Granja" near Esporles, which has been prepared as a museum). The farming family, who were responsible for managing the large estate, lived there on the ground floor or in an outbuilding. The owners themselves lived in the 2nd or 3rd upper floors when they left Palma or the villages in summer to spend the hottest days there. The farm workers had their lodgings away from the main houses, but could enter them regularly during the main meals to eat with the caretaker family.

The crème de la crème of mansions were more elaborate and refined in the Tramuntana mountain range and mostly belonged to the nobility. Agriculture was generated there with olives in order to finance the icing on the icing on the coffee of the gentlemen.

Newly built fincas can also be described as fincas, as they are based on the old architectural elements and materials. However, compared to the old country houses, the new fincas have much less land area - inevitably, as Majorca as an island is limited in area. However, this is not necessary due to the lack of agricultural use and the fact that it is not planned.

And this fact has ensured that today you will not only find finca properties for sale or to rent in the primeval regions of traditional fincas such as the centre of the island, the north or south-west, but also in the immediate vicinity.