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Luxusvilla on Mallorca
Modern (designer) luxury villa on Mallorca

A luxury villa in Mallorca is one of the special features that many people want, but certainly not everyone can afford. Mallorca is the epitome of sun, beach and sea and has maintained and continuously increased its appeal as a holiday island and paradise for a second home over the course of several decades.

It is also the island of luxury villas and popular and sought after by those wealthy investors who want to relax there for several weeks or even months or live there permanently. Whether luxury villa or luxurious chalet, the owner is usually primarily interested in enjoying the ambience and flair of Majorca in privacy.

The prospects for luxury real estate as an investment are extremely good. A lucrative and profitable increase in value is to be expected right from the start - if you do everything right. Real estate in this segment (far) beyond one million has not lost its attractiveness even during the economic crisis since 2008. In the long run, the luxury villa on Mallorca is an investment that pays off; quite apart from the ideal profit of being able to spend more than just the most beautiful weeks of the year in one's own luxurious four walls on the Mediterranean.

Origin of modern luxury villas or luxurious chalets

The villa was originally a country house and a manor house. It is detached on a spacious plot with a large pool and a well-kept Mediterranean garden. Today villas are spacious and multi-storey detached houses with the possibility of accommodating several guests. Everyone should feel equally at home, and the furnishings and furnishings are accordingly luxurious. The villa on Mallorca is adapted to the local architectural style; it often reminds of mansions up to palaces of the past decades and centuries.

The home of a variant of the villa, the chalet, are the Swiss Alps. Places like Grinelwald or Zermatt are almost exclusively built on with chalets. The flat saddle roof with a clearly visible roof overhang is quite typical. Such chalets also fit perfectly into the landscape of the Balearic Islands. They can be individually designed, equipped and furnished. A modern home automation of the luxury property with everything from the necessary to the superfluous is a matter of course. The landlord's taste ranges from glamour and casual elegance to a Hanseatic understatement.

Location and Location

The location of a chalet or villa on Mallorca also largely determines everyday life. Mallorca's coastline is almost six hundred kilometres long and the pool in the garden of the villa is not a substitute for swimming in the open sea. There are around five dozen towns and villages spread across the island, from Palma to small towns with a few hundred inhabitants. The road network is good, although a shorter journey time from A to B is often desirable. The proximity to the island's capital, Palma, is particularly interesting when people often commute by plane between the island and the mainland. Son Sant Joan Airport offers daily flights to many destinations throughout Europe. Such mobility pays off over the decades and also facilitates ad hoc air travel.

Most investors choose locations outside the tourist centres such as El Arenal, Magaluff or Cala Ratjada. Many of the beaches around the island are occupied by package tourism in summer. But because of its climate, Mallorca is a year-round holiday destination: during the wet and cold weeks and months on the European continent, it is pleasantly warm here in the Mediterranean at an average temperature of up to twenty degrees Celsius. With its varied landscape in its 6 landscape zones, the island offers as much choice as variety for a suitable location. The existing luxury property or land still to be built on can be found in many hidden places on the island; whether high on cliffs such as Puerto d'Andratx, in an abandoned valley in the centre of the island, on the slopes of the southwest coast or in the middle of the Tramuntana.

If the infrastructure is at the forefront of the decision, it is essential to pay attention to the proximity to Palma. The island is about one hundred kilometres wide and has a north-south length of eighty kilometres. This may sound manageable at first, but it can nevertheless become complex and even unpleasant if the island has to be crossed under time pressure rather than for fun.

Features and characteristics of a luxury villa

Interior decoration of a luxury villa
Typical interior design of a luxury villa

For the future and permanent home in a luxury villa is of course their characteristics decisive. Quite often a luxury villa is first rented as a holiday home for temporary use. The property is available to the owner's family, friends and acquaintances; in this way it is already being used more or less all year round. With the final decision to move the centre of life to Mallorca, the villa is bought and converted into a luxury property. No savings are made on the investment. In this phase, the opportunity is taken to adapt the villa or chalet to the surrounding luxury villas and mansions as a whole.

This includes the large and well-kept Mediterranean garden as well as the pool area, arcades and the refreshing paths and terraces with trees and plants. Spanish architectural elements such as wide arches, galleries, extensive observation terraces on several levels and large patios create an authentic picture. Contemporary art also comes into its own in such a luxury villa on Mallorca. The client or buyer should be advised and convinced, because the prerequisite for maintaining and increasing the value of the property is also that it is harmoniously integrated into the immediate surroundings and landscape.


The investor must be aware that with Malllorca he has chosen a particularly privileged place for his luxury villa. One feels protected by the seclusion in his privacy, while the other feels a bit lonely. Such a luxurious property may also require the employment of some or more employees such as a gardener, a cook or a cleaning lady: the investor thus becomes an employer under Spanish law. Ultimately, luxury villas also mean a financial burden that must be permanently easy for the owner of the property: Only then does he have an easy life on Mallorca in the truest sense of the word.