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Ibiza / Eivissa
Ibiza / Eivissa

The name alone sounds like summer love. Turquoise bays, small villages, tranquil farms, wild rocks - despite all the tourists, nature is almost untouched and still radiates the idyll of long gone times. Small walls, which were built sometime in the 19th century or even earlier, bridle dreamy almond meadows. Right next to it grow ancient olives and carob trees. It smells of wild herbs and flowers, and because the island is so small, you have a view of the sea or a bay almost everywhere from the mountainous interior of the island. By contrast, the island is also known throughout Europe for its parties, the coveted VIP parties and its chic discos and shopping streets. The island is the perfect paradise for holidaymakers and emigrants who want to experience both worlds: The beautiful nature and the amenities and fun of the 21st century. Ibiza is considered an island of contrasts in many areas. In summer it seems to be the centre of the world for a while, while in winter it is quiet and sleepy and the locals stay among themselves. As the climate is very mild, the late autumn and early spring months are among the most enchanting weeks of the year.

The undisputed centre of the island is the place of the same name in the south. Ibiza is an ancient town whose magnificent walls were already built by the masons. Unlike Mallorca, tourism did not arrive on the island until the 1970s with the hippies, which is why much still seems untouched and authentic here. The hippies are also responsible for the island's famous "style": here, as everywhere on the island, people are relaxed, relaxed, but are always fashionably perfect in a casual way.

The fortress of Dalt Vila, which is considered to be the best preserved fortress in the whole Mediterranean region and has been a World Heritage Site together with the old town of Ibiza since 1999, towers above the small town with its numerous stairs and alleys. Behind the white walls of the houses below the fortress there are pretty small gardens, everything radiates peace and restraint. The place has preserved the charm of the past and is still anything but a museum. This is where people live and work. The old town houses have been lovingly renovated for a long time. Typically, they retain their special Ibiza charm, while the rooms retain all modern amenities. Behind some modest and whitewashed walls hides a luxury property in the old town. Some of them are relatively small, others offer 150 square meters of living space and more.

The old town of the island is discreet and cosmopolitan at the same time. Celebrities from all over the world like to spend their holidays here, and numerous floating palaces are anchored side by side at the two marinas during the summer months. The hottest bars, clubs, discos and restaurants can be found near the harbours - some of them are among the best in the world. Some of the most important luxury hotels on the island are also close to the marinas.

The town is surrounded by white dream beaches. They are so close that they can also be easily reached on foot. The old town of the island has everything to offer. Luxury and parties as well as privacy and silence. There is something for every taste.

Es Vedra Ibiza
Es Vedra Ibiza

There are also beautiful villas and apartments in the other villages of the island. In Santa Eulalia del Rio are the most magnificent properties near the sea and the beach. Some of them have five or more bedrooms, others are small apartments or older, converted townhouses. All have in common that the way to the famous golf course of Santa Eulalia del Rio is not far. The golf course is only a few minutes away. The place is therefore an ideal starting point for families with different leisure hobbies. Bays, pools, beaches, shops - and golf course. Everything is in the immediate vicinity.

If you are still too crowded in this place and need more peace and quiet, you will find it in the interior of the island. Just like in Mallorca, lonely fincas and old farms are scattered all over the island. Often the fincas and houses are close to small villages, but sometimes they stand alone in the middle of the wide landscape. However, since it is a small island, the distances are almost always manageable. The sea always seems to be nearby, and the nearest village and shops are always only a short drive away.

Some fincas are up to 300 years old and have been extensively restored. Other properties are newly built luxury villas. But there are also small, inexpensive houses, former stables and country houses. Most of them are already up to date, others still need a loving hand. But all are surrounded by palm trees, olive trees, pines, poplars and wild herb bushes. The gardens are almost always planted with typical plants of the island, and the boundaries between the wild nature and the well-kept garden can be fluid. However, the large pool and a spacious terrace belong to almost every property in the country. The island is also full of surprises in this area.