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Description of Inca

Inca center

Inca is the third largest city in Mallorca, located on the northern edge of the central plain and is an important centre for agriculture and industry. There are numerous leather factories with showrooms and sales rooms that can be visited.

Around Inca there are numerous cheap finca properties to buy or rent. In the city centre there are very beautiful, authentic old building apartments and houses, on the outskirts of the city and in the housing estates around less beautiful, which are then however available at (for Mallorca conditions) favourable rent or purchase prices.

Worth seeing in and around the town:

  • The fortress-like parish church of Santa Maria la Major has been mentioned since 1058, rebuilt in 1230 and extended in the 18th century. The sacristy houses the precious "Sa Madonna d'lnca" (1373) by Juan Dauder.
  • The monastery of Santo Domingo (1604) has a beautiful Retablo del Rosario.
  • The baroque monastery of San Francisco has a beautiful cloister.

On Puig d'lnca (292 m) lies the small Ermita de Santa Magdalena with a tiny panel painting (Madonna and Child), which is particularly venerated. To the west of Inca in the village of Lloseta stands the parish church of Esglesia de la Virgen with a Romanesque image of the Virgin Mary, next to the church is Ayaman's Palace in a magnificent Italian garden. On a hill outside Lloseta stands the Ermita de Coco, with a peasant Mother of God (Coco) from the 11th or 12th century; in Selva, north of Inca, stands the Gothic parish church of San Lorenco from the 14th century, inside which valuable paintings by the Mallorcan painter Antoni de Veri i Salas and a church treasure can be seen.

At Manacor del Valle, northwest of Inca, stands the Ermita Santa Lucia, a popular place of pilgrimage to the patron saint of the blind and visually impaired, who is also highly venerated on the island.

Finca sightseeing:

On the road C 713 in southwest direction 3.5 km to the water park Aqualandia. Heading north-east on the C 713 for about 3 km, from here south for 1.5 km to the Hermitage of Santa Magdalena on Puig d'lnca. From Puig d'lnca you have a wonderful view over the plain and the two bays of Alcudia and Pollença. The Ermita Santa Lucia near Manacor del Valle. To Lluc Monastery, by bus to Caimari and from there on a footpath over the foothills of Massanella, Es Barracar and the "Salt del la Bella Donna" (="jump of the beautiful lady") to the basilica, which houses the Blessed Virgin of Lluc, walking time about 3 hours. From the monastery you can follow the Way of the Cross (= Via Crucis), which surrounds a cliff behind the monastery. From here you have a very nice view to the valley of Aubarca and the estate Escorca.

Serious hikes:

On Puig de Massanella (1,348 m and 1,352 m), which rises with its twin peaks east of the Gorg Blau reservoir: Distance: 10 km, walking time 5 hours. Difficulty: difficult, only recommended for very experienced mountaineers. Ascent 780 m, on the peaks one must be absolutely giddy. Starting point: Lluc petrol station. Along the station path from the monastery.

Hike from Lluc - Binifaldo - Aucanella-Binibona-Caimari, distance: 14 km, walking time: 6 hours, level of difficulty: medium.

Circular hike from Lluc - Mossa - Coli Dels Ases - Es Cosconar - Lluc: distance: 19 km, walking time: 7 hours, degree of difficulty: difficult, long hike along stony paths. Important: Access to this hike is only possible on Sundays.

Circular hike from Lluc - Ca'n Pontico - Lluc, distance: 8 km, walking time: 3 hours, degree of difficulty: easy. Climbing tour from Lluc to Puig Tomir (1107 m), distance: 12 km, walking time: 51/> hours, difficulty level: very difficult, only for experienced climbers. Danger of fog, on the summit you have to be free of dizziness.


  • Inhabitants: 20.000
  • Height: 121 metres
  • Postcode: 07300
  • Train station in town

Map of Inca

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